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Hemera® Image Browser

Welcome to the Hemera Image Browser. This document contains the latest update information for the Hemera Image Browser. For further information, visit

Version 3.0.9 - Commercial
June 30, 2003

Minimum Installation Requirements


one of the following Microsoft® Windows® operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 95 (SP 1 or later),
Microsoft Windows 98 (Second Edition or later),
Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0 (SP 4 or later),
Microsoft Windows ME
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows XP
Pentium® Processor (233 Mhz), 64 MB Ram
16-bit color display or greater recommended
approximately 20 megabytes of free hard disk space
General Notes


When images from a Hemera collection are placed into a Personal Collection, a copy of the image file is placed in the Windows 'My Pictures' folder.

When the Hemera Image Browser starts up, it will automatically check the Internet for any available patches or updates to the application. If an update is found, it will inform you of its availability, and give you the option of downloading and installing it.

When searching for images by keyword in the Hemera Image Browser, please keep the following in mind:

plural forms of keywords are not available (for example, 'duck' is available while 'ducks' is not)
possessive forms of keywords are not available (for example, 'company' is available while 'company's' is not)
keywords containing punctuation are not available (except for apostrophes within words)
keywords containing a dash are not available (for example, 'air' and 'compressor' are available but 'air-compressor' is not available)
If you use Hemera Photo-Objects Volume I and Volume II with the Hemera Image Browser, you will be asked to install the “preview” of Volume II thumbnails during the install of Volume I. When installing Volume II, you will be asked to install the "preview" thumbnails for Volume I. Do not install the "preview" thumbnails when installing either of these products if you intend to use both products. Simply install both products without choosing the "preview" option, and the appropriate thumbnails will be installed.

Known Issues


If you drag an image, such as a .jpg file from the Hemera Image Browser into Microsoft Internet Explorer, and then drag the same image to your Windows desktop, ensure that you hold down the control key when dragging to the desktop. This will make a copy of the image on your Windows desktop. If you do not hold down the Control key during this operation, the Microsoft Internet Explorer application currently displaying the image will close.

When exporting an image as an EXIF file, the file will export correctly, however, the following error message may appear on occasion:
"An error occurred while saving the file. Make sure the destination disk is not full or write protected. (-5)"

The image has exported correctly, and you may simply click OK on this error message and ignore it.

Users cannot drag images from a Hemera Image Browser Personal Collection and drop them in the Microsoft Windows recycle bin. If you attempt this operation, the cursor will indicate that this action is available when it actually is not.

If an image is dragged from a Windows folder into a Hemera Image Browser Personal Collection, and the image is then deleted from the folder, the image thumbnail will still appear in the Personal Collection. However, selecting this thumbnail will no longer show the full sized image in the GraphicsDesk preview pane.

If images are inserted into a Personal Collection once and then the same images is inserted into the same personal collection again the inserted files are not copied again. Only the references to them are updated.

An application exception error may occur when Photo-Objects are dragged and dropped from the Hemera Image Browser to PhotoFont Maker. Using the clipboard Copy/Paste operation will avoid this error.

The Photo Transfers can be found under the Image Type "Photo-Objects". They are not yet available as a separate Image Type.

If you are exporting multiple images at once, make sure that the images you wish to export do not exist on more than one CD. If you would like to batch export images from multiple CDs, first create a new personal collection, copy the images into that personal collection, then export all images from there.

If you use Export Wizard to export a graphic file in a popular image format, and choose the "Keep Original Format" option in the Wizard and save the file to your hard disk, the file may not get saved. In this case, you can set your Edit>Options>Drag & Drop options to "Keep Original Format", and drag the image to a location on your hard disk.

If you copy a Photo-Object image from the Hemera Image Browser and paste it into Microsoft(R) WordPad the image colors and background may appear incorrect. If you drag and drop a Photo-Object image into Microsoft WordPad the same issue will occur. This issue does not occur with other word processors or applications.

If you add images from Microsoft Internet Explorer into a Hemera Image Browser personal collection ensure that you first save the image to a folder on your computer system before adding it to your personal collection. Adding images directly from Internet Explorer to the Hemera Image Browser and then clearing your Internet Explorer cache will result in your image being deleted outside of the Hemera Image Browser.

If you have personal collections created in a previous version of GraphicsDesk (prior to version 3.0), the Hemera Image Browser will find and allow you to use these collections. However, in order to be able to view thumbnails for these images you must have selected the personal collection in the previous version of GraphicsDesk at least once. This means that you must have checked the collection on in order to perform a search on it at least once. If you did not check a personal collection on at least once in your previous version of GraphicsDesk, you may still see its thumbnails by creating a new personal collection in your new version of the Hemera Image Browser, selecting the thumbnails in your existing personal collection and dragging them into your new personal collection.


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