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India Web Proxy is a light weight, java based proxy tunnelling software that relies on an external php proxy script to function.
It's an open source java program that effectively bypasses firewall and internet censorship. It relies on a php proxy script for functionality and has a simple and flexible configuration.

Before using it though, you must have uploaded the required php script or have one that is still functioning...there's a lot on google too if you can run a filtered search.

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Creating Your India Web Proxy Server
The PHP proxy script you need to upload to your webhost is located in the zip file. Upload all three files in the PHP (Server module) folder to your domain web root. There are lots of free hosts to use and I'll list just a few of them


I have to emphasize though that it's against some webhosts' TOS to use their server for proxy related service and some do not allow conneting to other servers via their server.

I've used the first two free webhosts and they are quite okay.

Now, some hosts require you to have an already registered domain name somewhere else and you'll need to do change some DNS record before you can make that work.
For starters,make sure the host you're choosing also offers you a free sub-domain like You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
If the host you choose requires a domain name, offers you a free domain name at no cost with a customizable DNS record.

I believe now you have already registered wit a free host, right? Now, check the welcome email you got from your webhost including your account details.
You should see your ftp server, username and password.

If not, navigate around your cpanel, it should be hooked up somewhere.

Now you've got the details, you need a ftp client software to upload your script...some hosts offer you a web based ftp interface but most do not. you should be able to upload it from your file manager if your free web host offers you a cPanel.

Ftp clients softwares to upload stuffs to your server include SmartFTP, Filezilla etc. But i'm not gonna take your through d trouble of downloadin anything, there's an easy way out.
The easy way out is using an online ftp client...a site actually from where you can access your site and install your script easily.

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If you can upload via the file manger in your cpanel, click on it, otherwise you'll have to use with your ftp details (we discused that earlier)

Simply upload your script php script to your domain root or locate the www folder

I recently included some fixed scripts in the zipped folder with which you can create your IndiaWebProxy personal server on your free or paid host.

Configuring India Web Proxy
1. Locate and open IndiaWebProxy.jar (with java runtime 1.5 or higher)
2. Click on settings
3. You only need to configure 4 or 5 parameters

For MTN,

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Save your settings and click on start and you're just a step away...

Now go to your browser settings and key in localhost:6050 and localhost:6051 for http and https connections respectively.


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